Thursday, August 11, 2005

Social work links for VOŠ Domažlice

1. National Association of Social Workers
The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world

2. Social Work Search
Social Work Search is an online searchable database devoted to the Social Work profession. It has links to websites and jobs of interest to social workers

3. CSWE - Council on Social Work Education
Council on Social Work Education provides information on education of social workers and those who wish to become social workers, many interesting links

Magazine for Social Work is an electronic companion to the print magazine devoted to social work students and recent graduates.

Admin remark: when I was a teacher at the school of social work in Domazlice I received newsletters from The NEW SOCIAL WORKER. The lady with whom I had to exchange several emails was rather unpleasant, but anyway she put my email address on her newsletter database. You may want to try the same. It might function. The printed magazine and the membership were not free.

5. Social Work Access Network
SWAN, College of Social Work, is an excellent resource for social workers, offering resources and links to associations and additional, general social work

6. Clinical Social Work Federation, Inc.
It offers organizational and membership information, code of ethics, legislative updates, insurance information, and list of publications.

7. British Association of Social Workers
BASW is the largest association representing social work and social workers in the UK. Whether you are qualified or not, experienced, or just entering the field of social work.

International federation of social workers on the web; here you will find definition of social work, code of ethics, and links to many other valuable information on social work.

These links which I have collected are only a small sample of all possible links on social work. I plan to gather more detailed links to specific topics and post them here for general use.


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